Monday, 31 March 2008

Politically Incorrect Lion

This morning while driving Wolf to work we drove past a rather large man on a little scooter. Lion looks at him and says 'Is he from the fat people show?'

We know he is talking about the TV series 'The Biggest Loser' because sometimes he will ask to watch the 'fat people' show. Over the weekend Lion watched fascinated as the trainers got the contestants to pull a bus and then proclaimed proudly that if the fat people can do it he and Daddy Wolf would be able to do it twice as fast.

Anyway we said 'No, that man is not on the fat people show.' By this time we had just passed McDonald's and the morning crowd was arriving for breakfast.

'What about her, is she on the fat people show?'

No Lion.

'What about him he must be on the fat people show!'

No Lion

'Well he should be, maybe we could get him to pull a bus? Do you think we would beat him in a bus race?'


For those not aware of the show here is the website to the Biggest Loser TV show
Picture credits: Jamie Oliver & Daily Mail. Yep that's him in the picture above, read the article.

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  1. Oh dear.... what must Lion think of his Aunty C down south? I know my Dragon has asked me once or twice "...Why don't you go on The Biggest Loser, mum?" I say to him, "That show is for people who weigh more than 90kg."


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