Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Frilled-Neck Lizard

Lion has a new passion… being a frilled-neck lizard. I am guessing it’s a use you had never thought of for a coccyx cushion. He is quite an impressive lizard, he would scare me if I was a predator looking for a nice meal of desert lizard. Grandma helped him look up some video on the web of frilled lizards running, after we very unsuccessfully tried to demonstrate it for him (and aren’t I glad there’s no video of that!!!) and now he can run just like a frilled lizard with it’s back legs flicking out sideways and with front legs dangling. He makes a great frilled lizard noise too, it’s a brilliant hiss with his mouth wide open, the only thing that gives it away that he isn’t a real frilled-neck lizard is that the inside of his mouth isn’t yellow.

Frilled-Neck Lizard Running to scare off a predator.

Displaying his frill to threaten the predator

Displaying his frill and hissing to let us know he means business!

Dragon is wearing no shirt because he is doing a bit of growth spurt eating but then throws up on himself because he doesn’t slow down even with a VERY full tummy. And we have used all the spare shirts at grandma’s house. But he looks so cute standing there with his shoulders back, so I had to take a photo. Grandad decided to make sure all his food was well and truely digested, we hadn't told grandad why Dragon wasnt wearing a shirt...

And while the lizard frill was having a rest they boys tried to break into Aunty J’s car. They didn’t get very far.

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  1. I want to see video footage of Mummy McT demonstrating the running technique of a frilled neck lizard. PLEASE!


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