Thursday, 3 April 2008

What A Morning!

Playgroup went to one of those indoor playgrounds today. You have to pay so you desperately hope that the kids don’t injure themselves or decide that they don’t feel like playing on all the great toys so you don’t have to go home before you have got your moneys worth. Anyway, 2 and a half hours later, only one bitten lip, a few tears over having to share 5 cars between a zillion kids and one little cranky mummy bit over a lion climbing up the slide and pushing in. Dragon thought the cars were great, at first he couldn’t get the hang of it and just sat stationary for about 15 minutes. I gave him a push around after that and he figured out what to do for himself soon enough. Lion thought the cars were great too but it was hard to convince him to let the other kids have a go and being a bit of a blowfly he wouldn’t stand and wait for a turn he kept going and coming back and hoping that there would be one free. Occasionally he would be in luck.
Dragon cruising for chicks :)
They also have a merry-go-round teapot thing, the boys thought it was brilliant. They do about 3 turns then wait about 20 minutes then go again. They went on it by themselves too! Mummy had a go but the photos of that are on a friend’s camera and we’ll post them when we get them.
Waving to mummy just before it starts...

Dragon is getting used to the idea...

Lion thinks this is just great!

The slides were terrifying for mummy, but Lion thought they were fun. Mummy took Dragon down the bouncy slide but wouldn’t face the 2 story racing slide that seemed to just drop away from underneath you. Lion had a go on that one, unfortunately mummy never managed to be there at the time to witness it, she always saw him getting off at the bottom. There was a little whine and whinge when it was time to go, even though ALL our friends were leaving at the same time. I was expecting it to Lion to make it escalate beyond all comprehension when the gate clicked closed behind us but the staff there have it all figured. You just need to make the kids want to leave by giving them a lollipop just before they go. Lion left happily sucking on his lollipop (I was really impressed that they actually ask mummy’s permission before giving the kids a lollipop, it allowed me to say no to one for Dragon so that he could go to sleep in the car on the way home) What a morning, we cant wait to go back there, they take care of you so well and it was great to see the staff caring about the kids and paying attention to EVERY detail (and also making sure mummy and daddy type folk were well looked after too).

L, L, L, what begins with L... Lion Licks a Lollipop L, L, L!

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  1. Sounds like a fun morning. Those indoor playgrounds are a favourite of all the Aussie Half-Dozen. Have to take them once more before Possum turns 13 and they won't let her in!


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