Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Maggic Rice

Mummy McT was incredibly uninspired when it came time for lunch today.

There was no bread (yes, I know my mum's the bread lady), I was not going out to get any and I just couldn't come up with anything else. After looking in the cupboard for a few minutes hoping for inspiration to hit I was still no closer to providing a nutritious meal for my growing boys. I wasn't even really concerned with the nutritious bit today, just didn't want to sit one down with the peanut butter jar and one with the nuttella jar and hand them a spoon each :)

I decided I would try to get them to try Maggic Rice. I had no idea what a hit it would be. It's not so great in the nutrition department but it filled their bellies. Dragon got so full he was starting to bulge but he was stuffing it in one grain at a time and I was given a firm "nooo" if I offered to take his plate away.
So what is Maggic Rice I hear you ask. I am not recommending you use this as anything other than a side dish, it's up to you. Mum used to make our rice like this every time she cooked rice and my friends would come over and just LOVED her rice, we started calling it Magic Rice but once you see the secret ingredient you'll know why I am calling it Maggic Rice...
You can cook the rice in stock, but then it's just "slightly chicken flavoured rice", to get the real hit you stir a bit of the powdered stock straight onto the cooked rice. YUMMO! I know it's not original but the boys loved it!!!

Dragon discovered he can do silly things with his shirt this afternoon. I don't know how but he managed to get it almost over his head and started to panic. To calm him down until i had washed my hands (I had very messy hands from cooking dinner) I started to pretend he had hidden himself on purpose. "Where's Dragon gone?... Lion can you see Dragon?... Where is that Dragon?" He seemed to realise it wasn't all bad and he found his way out the bottom of the shirt. It's not so good for his shirt but he was being so cute I ignored that and took some photos.

Post Script - If anyone has any inspiring ideas for lunches please feel free to let me know them. Nutritious or otherwise. Everything I try gets a turned up nose lately.

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  1. My bunch are getting sick of sandwiches. Yesterday I got some thin corn cakes and rice cakes, put vegemite on and sprinkled them with grated cheese and they disappeared like they were lollies! The older ones had diced tomato on theirs as well. I am going to try it with peanut butter and banana tomorrow. Good luck with yours!


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