Monday, 21 April 2008


Inspired by Kitcat's potty success (she's only a few months older than Dragon) I made a big mistake today.

Dragon was very frustrated with his nappy today, he stripped it off this morning leaving a train on the floor; first the nappy cover, then the snappy clip, then the nappy, then the liner, then the bare backside. He has also been showing a great interest in Lion using the toilet. I still didnt feel like there was enough to start potty training but I'm trying not to discourage it either. So after Lion used the big toilet I was trying to shoo Dragon out but he started "UH, UH, uh" and trying to pull his shorts down. I figured it wouldnt hurt to give him a go did a quick check down the back of the nappy and couldnt see any problems so i flicked it off and tried to sit him down. Of course he wanted to stand like a big boy but he's too short so instead of getting out the whole ladder doo-dad I just held him up and braced him with my knee under his bottom. Then I looked down in his nappy. No, it wasn't empty like I had thought, and then looking at my knee it wasnt as clean as it had been a minute ago. A QUICK LOOK IS NEVER ENOUGH, ALWAYS CHECK PROPERLY BEFORE REMOVING A NAPPY!!!

But then it's moments like this that make you forget about having the odd poo covered knee.

And then they do this...

ps dont you love the bargain PJ's I got for them, $8 each, they are nice thick flannelette too (well thick enough for an NQ winter) Lion's have diggers and dump trucks on them and Dragons have *can you believe it* skateboarding dragons on them.

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  1. Eeeewwww! What a bad time for the poo to be hiding! But you didn't say if Dragon did wee-wees in the toilet - or did that get forgotten in the clean-up effort?

    No I can't believe you got PJs with dragons on them. You'll have to find me some with mousies!


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