Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Makes sense to me...

Okay, it's nap time here in the McTavish household. Lately it's a time of day that is tantrum filled "i don't want to have a nap", then once the tantrums haven't weakened mummy it's bargaining "I need an easter egg to help me have a nap", then that doesn't work it's on to 3yr old logic...

I have tried boring Lion to sleep with a lecture about why sleep is so important… “your body can't grow unless it gets enough sleep and you used a lot of energy this morning playing so now to have more energy for this afternoon you need to have a nap. Then while you are napping you body will get more and more energy so that you can run around this afternoon but if you… and on… and on…”

I have tried straight out bribery… “We aren’t doing anything fun this afternoon unless you have a nap”
And a few other things.

It finally went quiet in the Lion bedroom so I assumed he had lost the battle and was finally sleeping, and then he appears beside me…

“Well I think I need to stay up just in case I sneeze again”

Made perfect sense to him!

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  1. Yes, that is perfectly logical - why go to sleep only to be woken up by a sneeze?


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