Tuesday, 20 May 2008

The Birthday

I know I said a week ago that I would put the birthday photos on here but things haven't been running smoothly around here (notice how I say that like they sometimes are running smoothly, but I am sure everyone that reads this knows differently). So here they are...

They need very little intro. Like any family you get to pick what you want for birthday dinner and Wolf chose Spag Bog. You can see the candles on the table that Lion asked for and the "flower arrangement" which consisted of 2 fake gerbras with no petals! Lion has his idea of how things should be and the dinner table should have candles, and flowers. I love the strange little way his mind works. Actually looking at it you cant really see them because of the clutter on the bookshelf behind but they are there:)
Wolf chose a chocolate pie (which wasn't like mummy used to make but he wasn't complaining *too much*). He didn't choose the Bob the Builder candle but we must have a candle and it was that or a number 1.
Then the birthday boy with his cake pie and dragon because he is apparently too old to be having his photo take with his cake pie by himself.

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  1. I hope you had a great birthday Uncle Wolf!!! The chocolate pie looks delicious!!! My brother had a chocolate pie for his birthday too!!!
    From Possum


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