Friday, 9 May 2008

First rule of 'Skippy-roo'

Driving home from work today I asked Lion how his day at kindy was. Here's a verbatim of what was said:

Wolf: Lion, did you have an exciting day at kindy?
Lion: Yep
Wolf: What did you do?
Lion: Played with the trucks.
(this is the standard answer I get every time I ask him the question - he is there for nearly 8 hours, surely they must do something else.)
Wolf: Did you sing any songs?
Lion: Yep.
Wolf: Can you sing one to me.
Lion: No, I'm a bit tired.
W: Did you make anything in craft?
L: No, I played with the trucks.
Mummy McT: You played a fun game didn't you? What was it called?
L: Yeah I did! It was called Skippy-roo.
W: How do you play that?
L: I don't want to talk about it.
W: Come on Lion, tell me the rules, how do you play?
L: Daddy, we do not talk about Skippy-roo.
W: (hiding a laugh) So the first rule of Skippy-roo is 'We don't talk about Skippy-roo?'
L: I can't talk about it, Daddy.

hmm... I wonder if Brad Pitt plays Skippy-roo? Then again he wouldn't be able to tell me if he did.
-Wolf McT

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  1. I can tell you all about Skippy-Roo, but then I'd have to kill you.


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