Friday, 9 May 2008

Breakfast Time

Lion was sitting talking to himself at breakfast this morning "it's a SOULment mixer, You gotta, gotta, gotta have soul" I could make out that Lion is super spiritual and draw some deep conclusions from this but I think the truth would be more like this... Lion watches too much TV and has a well developed sense of humor for his age.

Dragon, well, draw what conclusions you want from this... We dropped wolf of at work and I turned around to find that Dragon had opened up Lions kindy lunch bag and was trying to open his lunch box to get the sangas out. I got them off him and put everything back in the bag but couldn't find the yoghurt. Wolf search all over the place, so did I. we came to the conclusion that i must have forgotten to put it in the bag. I could remember breaking one off the pack but couldnt actually remember putting it in. Since Lion was a little light on the lunch without it I remembered Grandma went soft the other day when we did some shopping and agreed to buy some Bob the Builder yoghurt for him to have at her house (mummy is mean and only buys the ones with the mark down sticker on). Off we trundle to Grandmas to snaffle one of her yoghurts, Mummy runs inside, explains to grandma the situation, grabs a yoghurt and goes back out to the car. "Dragon found the o-gut Mummy" and so he had. He must have felt "his" yoghurt was safe now mummy had another one for Lion and pulled it out of wherever it was hiding. we tried to give one back to grandma but as we were pulling out Dragon looked so sad and wouldnt wave, "yow, yow, yow" so we stopped and got his "yow" back from grandma and took off for kindy. we were late, not surprisingly. As we were leaving kindy I put Dragon in his seat and started to drive off and I hear a delighted little voice in the back "Yow, Yow, Yow" I think he had spotted it in the front and was already anticipating his yummy morning tea that he had single handedly saved from the clutches of Kindy and of grandma.

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