Thursday, 29 May 2008

How do???

Lion likes to take on different characters every day. some days he is Lion excavator, sometimes it's lion birdie, lion frog, lion dump truck, lion rocketship. and we always get the questions "how does a frog huggle?" and mummy explains how all the different animals and trucks and things huggle (a huggle is a cross between a cuddle and a hug for those wondering). And so it goes all day long... how do bridies have their nap, how do birdies eat their morning tea... mummy has had her eye on this book for ages and found it marked down the other day while she was looking for a little gift for a friend and bought it to help Lion see how dinosaurs eat. Guess what, our little friend got this book too, it's just such a brilliant book, it even makes me laugh. anywaythat was really not why I started this entry, lion has decided that he is a birdie at the moment, so I was mummy birdie, and we had daddy birdie and dragon birdie. "how do birdies huggle?" like this with their wings wrapped around each other. Mummy thought of an animal we hadnt been yet - "do you know how octopus' huggle?" (we went to the aquarium yesterday, they were on my mind) "no" "like this, with lots of arms around each other all wiggly and squirmy" lion decided he liked that huggle but he still wanted to be a birdie so now it's lion birdie, mummy octopus, Dragon baby octopus and daddy curl grub. I have no idea why daddy gets to be a curl grub, he's just special I guess.

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