Saturday, 3 May 2008

Little Sports Stars

Friends have started up "little sports stars" here. Last Thursday they wanted a group of kids to experiment on and make sure everything was going to run somewhat smoothly for their first day, they had two of their boys, a friends little girl, another friends little boy and Lion fitted the age group so along we went along to see what it was like and to help them out. I thought it might be helpful to have a child there who has no sporting genes from either parent. Lion has lots of energy but lacks the co-ordination or focus to do anything other than run around wild, I thought this might be good for him too. Dragon got dressed up for the occasion just for fun, I assumed it would be hard to stop him running around like the others.

Don't they look the part???

It seemed successful to me. They had fun with some skills from a few of the things they will cover over the first few weeks. The kids loved it, Lion loved the attention of 3 adults between 5 kids and even though he hardly caught or hit a ball and was generally as clumsy as his mother he got lots of praise and I was told he was very well behaved which made me very proud.

Lion has a go at hitting a tennis ball.
Dragon had two friends there to play with. They had a great time, the wife of the couple starting Little Sports Stars had brought heaps of food so Dragon had plenty to eat and tried out some of the equipment with his playmates.
LM, Dragon and Bibby having a game of Soccer.

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