Saturday, 3 May 2008


Yesterday I bought a new pair of slippers. Actually they are more Ugg boot style. The last pair I bought was in high school. They only really covered my toes and with great big bug heads with bobbly feelers on them I usually get them taken off my by small children so end up with cold feet! So I figure it's not a frivilous spend. I wanted something nice and boring so in the middle of winter, if I want, I can drop Wolf at work or Lion at kindy and not take them off. I had to decide between a few but in the end I picked a pair that came in a nice dark colour and nice and high to keep my ankles warm in our 20 C winters here in the tropics:)

I thought my boring boots would be safe from little feet running off with them. Alas, safe from feet maybe but Lion aparently needed his hands to be kept warm and cozy when it got down to 25C last night. I was blogging when he got out of bed, came out to the computer and took off with my boots. I called out to him that he could have them but GET BACK INTO BED and thought he had. About an hour later when I looked in I found him asleep on the floor of his room wearing my new boots ON HIS HANDS.

Please note my COLD FEET in this photo!


  1. By the way, did you know your husband sent me an email with a terrible, terrible attachment? If not, you'd better start talking to him about it quicksmart! It's something called a she-mote. It's scary.

  2. By the way again, I had to laugh at you calling 20 C WINTER! When it's 20 C down here we think it's a lovely warm day, dragon refuses to wear a jumper to school (actually he does that when it reaches 15 C) and we even consider going for a swim if it's not too breezy.
    It's a very pleasant 16 C at the moment. Does it ever get that cold in NQ?


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