Tuesday, 6 May 2008

That's profound!

Between too many appointments today we squeezed in some donalds for lunch with wolf before we ran home for a nap. Mummy McT was served by one of those "I'm-only-here-serving-at-maccas-to-pay-for-my-night-out-this-weekend-so-why-should-I-pretend-to-care-about-you" girls. She put in the order with 2 small chocolate shakes for the boys. This is the exchange that followed...

macca's employee of the month contender: "um... There isn't any chocolate shakes at the moment"
Mummy McT:"okay, are there any shakes?"
MEotMC: "um... yeah, only choc mint and strawberry"
MMcT: "then choc mint thanks for both of them"
MEotMC: "um... yeah, because it's just like the same as chocolate but it's got a bit of mint in it"

I'm not feeling like tolerating peoples stupidity today, it took all my strength to not stare at her and say, "wow luv, that's profound, figure it out all by yourself??" instead I just stared at her and hoped she would soon tell me how much it all came to so I could leave her with her own deep thoughts.

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