Monday, 5 May 2008


Dear Mum-me,
I thought I would respond to your query about our winter publicly, I figure it will give everyone a glimpse into our days of frostbite and frozen snot. Mum-me responded to this post with...

"I had to laugh at you calling 20 C WINTER! When it's 20 C down here we think it's a lovely warm day, dragon refuses to wear a jumper to school (actually he does that when it reaches 15 C) and we even consider going for a swim if it's not too breezy. It's a very pleasant 16 C at the moment. Does it ever get that cold in NQ?"

As I write this at 9pm it is a nose tingling 25C. We have pulled out the extra blankets and are rugging up for the night. I wish they built a fire place in this house!
Back in reality now... Yes it does get down that cold :P Just not until june or july. As far as the local landscape goes, we are quite a way inland and protected by some mountains so our suburb gets a few degrees cooler than most of the town. It has been known to unofficially dip below 0C on the odd day around our area. But that would be a very odd day.
There is a joke locally when visitors ask "when is winter?" or "how long is winter?" the response is "next wednesday" or "it was last tuesday, you missed it"
Christmas with you guys was the first time I EVER wore a jacket on Christmas day. I think I may have put on some long sleeves when the air conditioning in my aunts house was too cool one year up here.
I hope that gives you all a glimpse into the freezing weather we will be enduring over the next few months ;)

Mummy McTavish

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