Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Two cute ones...

Winter hit suddenly... then it was gone. Well it's not gone just yet but it wont be long. Winter started with a bang on Monday. It was that frenzy where all of a sudden you wake up and it's cold and you realise that the kids dont have any warm clothes handy and you have no idea what fits and what doesn't. Thankfully I knew that we have hand me down orange overalls in every size in Lion's bottom drawer so that is what they got. Cousin Cheetah looked so cute in these overalls so he had a pair in each size so he wouldn't grow out of them. Lion didn't want to wear them (he isnt a real fan of overalls anymore) but by the end of the day he was quite proud of them becuase we told him they were rescue worker overalls and showed him some pictures of brave rescuers in China saving a trapped lady.

I know it's a little blurry soft focused but this one is so cute. Dragon's PJ's needed a button sewn back on so he was wearing them unbuttoned for a few minutes while I gathered what I needed. He had decided that I wanted to get into the bathroom and that for some reason I shouldn't. We were having a little stand off in the doorway and he was giving me some very cheeky looks. Eventually he just waved to me and closed the door and I opened it back up again to get his shirt to sew it up. He did nothing when I eventually got in so I don't know why I wasn't allowed in there to start with??? Possibly he thought I was going to take Lion's drink off him that he had nabbed off the dinner table.

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  1. Dragon does look very cute in his jammies!!!
    Love Possum


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