Tuesday, 20 May 2008


We unrolled the shade for the cubby house the other day and there were some frogs hiding in it that gave Lion a bit of a fright (when one jumped on his head). We did a spot of frog spotting and then had to be careful for the rest of the afternoon as they seemed to pop up wherever you wanted to walk. There are three in this first picture...

This little froggy found a perch up on the cubby house... I just love this photo...

This little guy decided that the grass was a bit too spikey on his bottom so he rested on my thong:)
This little froggy thought the slide might be a nice place to rest...

This one found himself a nice little hidey hole under the cubby house...
They were all a bit traumatised by being chaced by two little boys and a mad woman with a camera so we tried to stay away from them after that.


  1. When Teddy saw this she said "Why is Aunty trying to step on the frog? Don't squash the frog Aunty!"

  2. Grandma Excavator4 June 2008 at 14:11

    Did you realise that the cubby house frog has a clear reflection of 2 people in his eye when you click on him to blow him up? If I blow him up a bit more I bet I can tell you who they are - just like on NCIS or one of those shows!

  3. Grandma Excavator - We dont "blow up" frogs! I think we had better send that photo to one of those magazines because I am sure I was the only one standing there!!!!

    Teddy - I would never stand on a frog, frogs are friends. Sorry if I upset you, I think he just thought I was comfortable:)


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