Saturday, 14 June 2008

A birthday party for little bear...

I have long decided not to post birthday messages on here for nieces and nephews. There are too many and i would forget someone's and then they would be upset and it's just best not to start... However I am going to make mention of a very exciting first birthday party we went to this afternoon for one of them. Little Bear turned 1. Hurray! And somehow I was roped into making her a cake. The conversation went something like this...

Chimera (who now is beyond aunty K becasue she has her own blog...)- Did you make your boys birthday cakes?

Mummy McT - No I iced them but i cheated and bought slab cake and a sponge roll to make the shapes, Why?

C- They were really good.

MMcT - Thanks.

*little pause*

C - Can you do Little Bear's for saturday?

*insert big discussion about why she couldnt do it*

MMcT - Okay.

I think it turned out okay so here it is....

and this is Little bear and her mummy, Chimera and her daddy (um, as far as i know we are still calling him Uncle R but he needs a different name because there are two uncle R's) and the bonus is her cousin T. There is always a bonus child in the candle photos isnt there???

so go check out Chimera's blog and encourage her to go BEYOND THE FIRST POST!!! I'm not nagging, she has been very busy lately, we wont rush her...

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