Saturday, 14 June 2008

New furniture

We finally got some furniture for the play room. hopefully once we find some baskets the right size for the shelves all the toys will go into the baskets and not in an assortment of mismatched boxes and crates all over the place. We started putting them together while the darlings were asleep but then they woke up and took over...

Sometimes I worry that there is a battle being hidden from me where I am destined to only have one son and they are in a constant fight to be "the one", occasionally it is more obvious where they are sitting on each other and trying to pull one another's heads off and others it is just mind games where they mess with the inside of each other's heads. This day they plonked themselves down on the kitchen floor opposite each other leaning against the walls and played so beautifully. I couldnt get to the fridge or that particular cupboard but they were being so sweet. I just wonder how they can be the same children...

And just for fun, this is what wolf does to Dragon...

and then he leaves them on for dragon to wander around playing with pegs on his ears...and the stamp on dragons chest is saying that he belongs to me!!!


  1. Ouch!! Wouldn't that hurt having pegs clipped to your ears?? it hurts a lot having them clipped to your nose!!!

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