Thursday, 12 June 2008

A List and an assortment of other stuff...

Things you would think a three year old would have picked up on by now but obviously hasn't.
1. Mummy will not buy you something in every shop you go into.
2. Mummy will not take you to the toy section every time you go into a shop.
3. Mummy will not buy you a pie for morning tea when everyone else is sharing a marked down Woolworths cake.
4. Mummy will not give in just because you keep begging for a pie and to go to the toy section and to be allowed "just one hot wheels".
5. Mummy will not buy you a coffee from Gloria Jeans
6. Or a pie so give up!
7. Mummy is right.
8. There is no chance that mummy will change her mind on issues like wearing seatbelts and wearing undies.
9. No I still won’t buy you a pie.

We got home at nap time and both boys were awake, I got out of the car, unlocked the door and put the key inside, I came back to the car and both boys were asleep. I wish it was that easy every day. No it wasn’t carbon monoxide poisoning, I took less than 30 seconds.

Lion McT - Mummy I have a sore throat.
Mummy McT - Oh, can I kiss it?
LMcT - No, I need something to eat to make it feel better.
MMcT - Can I kiss you?
LMcT - Yes, (mummy kisses his neck) on the outside because you can’t kiss the inside my brain is on the inside.
MMcT - Oh, is it? (Looking in ear) I can’t see it.
LMcT - I’m just going to go have a look in your mirror to see if I can see it LMcT - (comes back) yes it is on the inside I can see it in you mirror.
MMcT - Okay, that’s good.
LMcT - 10 minutes later (obviously concerned). Now can you see my brain, it is in there.
MMcT - Oh, I can see something, that must be your brain.
LMcT - Yeah I did just feel it when I poked my finger in my ear, I did just feel it.

Lion’s guide to the human body. “Our tummies have sharp things inside them for when we eat our food.”

Background… Mummy McT needed to squeeze the toothpaste all down to the end this morning so that Lion could get some out for brushing his teeth.
Lion was getting a little stinky so I suspected something was moving but he didn’t want to do a poo… When he was walking around with his hand on his belly I suggested it might be time to do the poo we had been discussing. He agreed and sat on the toilet making some weird movements and straining noises. He did the job and I asked what all the strange actions and noises were.
“I just toothpasted my poo down.”

And all of that other stuff happened while I was writing the list at the start. Some days there isn't much, others you can't keep up with it.

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  1. Lion, I am sure cousin Dragon would agree with you about the 'sharp things in the tummy'. He has had bad pains in his tummy ever since he had the flu, and he said it felt like sharp knives in there.


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