Wednesday, 11 June 2008

just how much nothing???

For those who care and to emphasise just how much of nothing has been going on here I will update you on Coles confiscating my milk... They redeemed themselves, sort of. I went to a different coles the next day and they had a bunch of Goats milk marked down that probably shouldn't have been marked down yet. It was only down to $2 a Litre but that's less than half price and that's fine with me so I bought it and we have been enjoying special treats like Custard that I usually have to plan ahead for and buy not so expensive milk to use in it. So that is the grand total of the excitement here... Custard... YAY!

Although today we did have little bear here again and we managed to have all 3 monsters children asleep for their naps at the same time. I think there was an overlap of about an hour! pretty impressive.

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