Saturday, 21 June 2008

Some other photos captured throughout the jam making experience

Little bear came to visit for a short while but she was ready for a nap so wasnt co-operating for a photo...

This is Grandma's dog Babe, named before the pig! Aunty J dropped over for a bit and has a soft spot for Babe so she grabbed the camera and took some photos...

Dragon decided his "door" (dinosaur) was a bit thirsty, "dingk, dingk, dingk" says the "door"...


  1. some explanation - Little Bear was pretty good, but couldn't cope with Dragon's "smother love" - it is cute that he really really likes his cousin, but a little threatening for Little Bear.
    Babe often sleeps with her eyes open - she is very old and pretty tolerant of all the little "pups" who invade her space. So sleeping with her eyes open may be a good survival technique. Wait till the new camera arrives even Babe will look great!

  2. She started it! She used to laugh when Dragon sat on her(when she was about 4 months old), he is still expecting a good response to his style of lovin'


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