Sunday, 22 June 2008

The winter dragon.

This morning was freezing (by our standards) it was 18 in our nice warm kitchen and outside it was blowing a gale! Dragon seems to be taking after his big cousin dragon, he just refused to put on his jumper. Just wouldnt do it, and he's getting big enough now that i cant force him to without one of us getting injured. In the end we convinced him to wear a thin little hoodie, Lion was wearing a much warmer hoodie so that was obviously okay if he matched Lion. Still, it's going to get colder, and he is happy enough to run around in just a nappy, I get his PJ's off and he's cold because he wants to cuddle and I ask if he's cold and he says "yeh" but does he want clothes on "nooooo". Oh the fights we will have this winter! He is a tropical boy through and through but if we're not careful we might end up with this...

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