Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Questions, Questions, QUESTIONS!!!!

Lion is full of questions, the same question in 5749 different ways usually. today i got THE MOST RANDOM QUESTION EVER from him. It was while he was asking me about a man at the deli counter at Coles... is that man buying prawns why is he buying prawns what else is he buying is that his trolley WHAT COLOUR EYES DOES THAT MAN HAVE? since he hadn't been pausing for a breath i figured the answers didnt matter so i was just mumbling "I don't know" repeatedly until the eyes question. I had to get him to repeat it a few times to be sure I had heard it right and with ever more frustrated Lion repeating it slower and slower for stupid mummy I realised that I had indeed heard him right and he wanted to know the complete strangers eye colour. Well, I still dont know what colour that mans eyes were or why he was buying prawns for that matter but I now have a deeper insight into the things that are important to Lion.


  1. My girls do this to me all the time - I don't think they've asked about eye colour but they do point out a complete stranger and ask "What's his/her name?" and just expect me to know!

  2. My little sister Teddy asks silly questions too. For example....When mum is driving, Teddy asks mum what she is doing and mum says that she is standing on her head eating bananas!!


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