Sunday, 13 July 2008

Don't all rush out and buy one...

Okay, the neti pot experiment was odd. I'm not sure if I liked it or not. My nose was a little blocked at the time, only on one side, I wondered how this would effect things. Turns out it made the disgusting tasting water run down the back of my throat causing me to feel like I was drowning in the sea... in my own own bathroom.
Wolf told me that I must have done something wrong and that I had to keep my mouth open and breathe normally. I told him I did. He told me I had to breathe normally and keep my mouth open. I told him I did. He told me… well you get the idea, he just didn’t believe that I could be doing it right and not getting the results they said I would. So what results did I get other than the urge to get my lungs pumped? I got a lovely breezy feeling in my sinus cavities and my sense of smell back for a few hours!!!! That’s right, I could smell!! It’s weird, when you first blow all the water back out of your nose (and hack up all the fluid from your lungs) it’s like someone is blowing fresh mountain air straight up your nostrils. Well the one that was working anyway. I did get a trickle of flow happening when I went through the blocked side, and the rest went to my lungs, but going via the clear side it all hit the blockage in the other nostril and went down my throat. But I could smell, I smelt the lovely dinner that was cooked for me by some lovely ladies at our church (thanks J & D), I smelt the body wash that I bought months ago and have just recently discovered that it doesn’t smell real nice and I wont be buying it again, Ditto for the hair spray stuff I have been using. And then it left. Half way through dinner I lost my sense of smell. I think that was because I lost my one clear nostril too due to being allergic to one of the drinks that was served.

I wasn’t planning on being this open with the ins and outs of the neti pot but you asked so I have delivered. My thoughts thus far… I can see how it can be good… I won't give up on it just yet… I’m not exactly eager to give it another go though… but I will.

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  1. Okay, so here's what I don't understand. How is this piece of equipment supposed so clear out your nose & sinuses if you can't use it when your nose is blocked? If that's the case, I would not ever be able to use one, because I always have either one or the other nostril (or both) blocked.

    Also, do you find that when you get that 'breezy' feeling through the sinuses you actually start sneezing again because your nose is so unused to feeling like that?

    (I used to have a prescription nasal spray which dried my nose up SO much that it got all itchy and made be wish I had a bit of runny stuff happening - either that or I wished I could snort moisturiser.)


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