Sunday, 13 July 2008

It's curtains for Lion...

Oh Boy, did he know he was in trouble… as soon as I came into the room Lion started backing away from me with one hand covering his backside. I’ll take that as an admission of guilt! “Sorry mummy, sorry mummy, I’m sorry mummy…”Well, after a smack on the backside I sent him to his room (mainly so he wouldn’t see me taking photos of the mess he madeJ ) He explained it as he was “trying to slide down the curtains”. He had pulled the curtain over the top of a chair and was trying to use it as a slippery slide. I would say it didn’t go too well for him.

He has pulled the brackets for the curtain rods out of the wall! The other end broke and bent the screw that held the end on the curtain rod. I went to his room to talk to him and found him sitting at the doorway like this…No he hasn’t packed his bag to go, Dragon was playing with that bag earlier in the day.

Then later after he was told he had to just sit in his room and not play with anything until daddy was ready to cook on the Barbie I popped my head in to check that he was indeed just sitting and not playing and found him like this…“I was just praying mummy”. “Oh, you’d better pray boy”, was my first thought, but “That’s a good idea darling” was what actually came out. I asked him after he was “released” what he was praying and he told me it was the prayer on his wall that they did the first week of Sunday school “Thank you God for sending Jesus”. I think he knew this was a situation that needed prayer but just what to pray he wasn’t sure.

So, the good things I got from this… We have wanted to buy new blinds for that window since we moved in 5 years ago!!! I guess we will now be making the budget fit them in… I realised that I really do have very good kids since Lion had no concept of punishment on the scale he received today. The usual procedure is… swat on the backside if necessary… sent to his room to get him out of the way while I clean up (there is usually a mess involved)… punishment by boredom as I lecture him on what he did wrong… apologies… cuddles… all is back to normal. He really didn’t understand that he had to sit in his room all by himself and not do anything, he just couldn’t see that I wouldn’t let him sit in the lounge room or out in the kitchen with me. It was completely foreign to him. It wasn’t bargaining to try to get out of the punishment he just doesn’t get punished on this level usually.

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