Sunday, 13 July 2008

Dragon Naps

Dragon has been a bit of a pest to get down for bed lately. He is just testing the limits again to see if we have changed anything, perhaps we will suddenly not be such mean and horrible parents and let him get away without any sleep. Unfortunately for him we are still mean and horrible and he still have to sleep occasionally. This was nap time today, I am not sure which one is my Draon, I think he is the one in the middle, except I dont think he usually has big black floppy ears...


  1. Oh - that is so cute - how many toys did he have with him?? Looks kinda squishy, but if he's happy & sleeping then it's worth it!

  2. There's Dougal the dog, Snoopy, Lulu the lamb, Bear and Bear. yes, those last two are imaginative names aren't they?? if he can see them in the cot he asks for each by name, if he cant see them, he doesnt ask.

  3. Ahem, the two bears do have names. The sandy coloured one is called Burleigh Bear and the white one is Faith Teddy. I ought to know, it's part of the night time ritual, naming each of his companions as he wraps his arms and then hands around them.
    Daddy: Night Night Dougal
    Dragon: Ooo-gahl
    Daddy: Night Night Snoopy
    Dragon: Snoo-poo
    Daddy: Night Night Burleigh
    Dragon: Baa
    Daddy: Night Night Lulu
    Dragon: Lu Lu
    Daddy: Night Night Faithy
    Dragon: Teddy
    Daddy: Night Night Dragon, Daddy loves you.
    Dragon: Lu Lu


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