Saturday, 12 July 2008

Neti-Pot Fun

Some people were interested in how this Neti-Pot thing works. I tried it and it was... unpleasant but strangely satisfying at the end. Maybe because it is similar to going to the dentist. The anticipation of it happening, the unpleasantness and then the relief of it all being over. However it does seem to have worked for me, my blocked and running nose has cleared and I can feel the chill of the air running through places in my nasal passages which haven't felt the chill air for a while. But it doesn't seem to be the cure-all it claims. (Mummy McT just said you may have to do it twice a day for real benefit... ummm no thanks)

One guy who we watched trying it for the first time screamed 'AHHH! I THINK IT TOUCHED MY BRAIN!!' Yeah I can relate to that after trying it. I offered to video tape Mummy McT trying it but she said no. I think her exact words were 'I'm not going to let you record me doing something stupid and potentially embarrassing for posterity.'

So here is someone else (it's not me, even if some people think I'm hairy and stupid). So now for your enjoyment... someone else causing themselves discomfort.

PS. a warning there is some stong language at the end. Please dont try this at home.

-Wolf McT

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  1. Well I thought it was gross wnough when he was just using the salt water. Why on earth would anyone want to put coffee or alcohol into their sinuses???

    (Please don't answer that question .. I don't really want to know!)


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