Thursday, 10 July 2008


A couple of days ago playschool had a show on that was a repeat. It's the one where the kid goes to the gelateria and they see how it all gets made. As the show finishes they do the "it's time for us to go now, maybe you could..." and of course they suggested making a gelateria. Lion decided that he really wanted to make a gelateria so mummy figured she didnt quite have a messy enough house just yet so why not...

The helpful staff filling the cones up as full as they would go...

One very satisfied customer/staff member.

The layout of the store...

jumbo cotton balls in divided chinese food containers with midgets for cones.

Yep, I'll be eating here agin, it's so sanitary!

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  1. My kids watched the same show! They were asking for icecream afterwards, but it was just too cold for that. Love your idea of using cotton balls!


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