Thursday, 10 July 2008

Open your eyes people...

I needed to duck into coles last night on our way home from getting Wolf from work so that I would have milk for breakfast and real milk to make coffee for the girls coming over for a meeting. I grabbed my 3 cartons of milk and headed for the checkouts. I spotted the first checkout, it was the 12 items line, just what I needed, there was about 4 people in line and the last lady had her trolley parked there and was running back and forth from the nearby shelves putting stuff in it and going back for more, her daughter was running back and forth to the further shelves for her. As I got closer so did another man, this lady bolted back to her trolley and said "yes, I'm in line, I'm in line" with a rather pushy tone and I just walked past thinking I would rather stand in line longer than be behind this nut job and I'd spotted another register anyway. So I walked on and stopped at the very next checkout, it was a regular one but there was no line at all! And further down there was another guy standing there cleaning his register because he had no line. I must have looked confused walking up to the checkout because the guy made a comment and I explained what I had just encountered. He had a laugh, apparentlly they see that all the time.

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