Thursday, 17 July 2008

Green Day

Yesterday was Green Day at playgroup. As in Red Day, Blue Day, Yellow Day.... although some may have misinterpreted the theme...
That's right, those McTavish boys along with JMac went along as the boys from Green Day. Before I get horrible comments about putting eye makeup on 3 and 1 year old boys let me tell you that Lion wanted it on! And what Lion has Dragon wants so he got some too. I had to put it on with my finger so I didnt poke their eyes out so it looks a little more like black eyes but that's okay.
JMac has the serious rock star post sorted out.

Two of the sPunks had their own personal photo shoot before leaving home.

Lion was pretty pleased with his transformation.

Even Rock Stars need to do the dishes.

"Wilbie" whose mummy faithfully keeps up with the McTavish clan blogs, all decked out in green.
The GREEN food.
Notice it's a McTavish boy that is practically climbing onto the table to be closer to the food.


  1. They look just like real rockstars!!

  2. Wow, love Lion's eyes. Such gorgeous boys, but where are the groupies ???

    Also, after seeing Wolf's previous post involving Dr Seuss matters, I fail to see any green eggs & ham. Surely when talking about green food for a playgroup gathering, this should top the list !!!

  3. Am I sooo old that I failed to notice that sPunks wear eye makeup UNDER their eyes??? But they do look cute and lets hope they don't want to look quite like that as teenagers - it won't be so cute then.

  4. Oh they look so cute! Well done - I bet the boys loved dressing up!


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