Friday, 18 July 2008

But does it work???

When I find something that works, I like to share it. Likewise when I find something that doesn’t *cough netipot cough cough* I share that too. I have recently found the Method cleaning products. Mostly I don’t use a lot of sprays and stuff and I try and enjo where I can but the bathroom has been the bane of my existence. Soap scum on the glass screen just annoys me so much and nothing seems to work other than scrubbing at it with yucky chemicals which then will end up in the kid’s bath water. In comes "Daily Shower Spray" This stuff claims that all you have to do is mist it over the surfaces after your shower and it will just dissolve the grot away for you. Just like that, no scrubbing, no yucky chemicals, no work at all! I have been using it for a week now and it is working!!!!!!!!!! It’s working I tell you, working!!! The spots with the least build up have become cleaner and cleaner and the spots that are a bit worse are showing improvement (sounds like a kids report card). Oh, I like this stuff.

*to be fair to the neti pot I have since read the novel sized brochure that comes with it which seemed to actually be trying to sell you a different product and giving information about a different product but I’m guessing that it’s all roughly the same, it says don’t use it if your nose is blocked, wait for it to clear or use a spray or something to clear it before you neti pot it. My nose is never clear and those sprays don’t work most of the time. Wolf can have it.

I MUST ADD... please dont think for a second that because I am touting the wonder of this cleaning product that my house is clean. It is not, I am quite possibly the worst house keeper on the face of the earth!! Please dont EVER look in the background of our photos. My house is the one that must exist because without it no one would think there was anything special about the "Home Beautiful" magazines:)


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  2. Sounds really good - where do you get it from? As for housekeeping -I actually also think I'm the worst housekeeper ever! And with photo's - I always crop out the mess & if I can't I don't usually post the photo( oh but that's my secret)!!


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