Sunday, 20 July 2008

Hicksville is a 'state of mind'

When not dressed up as 'Green Day Rock Stars' the boys revert to something more comfortable.

[Hey Pa, when do we gets to shoot sumthink?]

Or Rock-a-Billy Country Stars.

[maa girlfriend left me and she took maa dawg, I really miss maa dawg…]

Sometimes we just like to make lots of noise. Screaming is so therapeutic.

[Ahh really miss maa dawg]

We like to wear overalls, because we can, not because we’re hicks.
[Hey Dragon, I fink ders sometink in maa teef]

Or suspenders if our undies won’t stay up.

[Yep, I think this look is really cool, if I could only get that fing outta maa toof]

We don’t wear shoes up here.

[why do ahh always get fings stuck in maa teef?]

Some times we will dress up and wear our Sunday Shoes.

All our machinery is HEAVY so we don’t take medication but we do use ear protection.
[I wonders if Dragon’s still screamink? Wow finally got that fing outta maa toof.]

We love playing in the dirt.

[Well looky here Paa, this was growin’ in our dirt, let’s feed it to the cows]

We get excited when the cows visit our place.

[Hey Pa, fire up the Barbie, it’s time fer us to shoot sumfink]

When it’s time to visit the big smoke, we dress up like real city folk.
[doya fink this hairdo is sharp enough?]

We don’t use cutlery, ever!


When our kids ask us where babies come from we tell them the truth.

[So babies come from a shop? That's right Son, and ahh gots the bag and foe-toe to prove it.]

-Wolf McT

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