Wednesday, 23 July 2008

I'm the baby!!!

It's a Little Bear day again today!!! She was feeling a little precious at first but as soon as grandma left she stopped her goody two shoes act and started bossing the big boys around!!!! She was getting tired though and needed to have a nap so I got her bottle and tried to get her off to sleep. Dragon didnt like that. He wanted the bottle, I could not convince him that he didnt need a bottle, it was Little Bear's bottle, only Babies use bottles... the only way I could see to fix it so little bear could have her bottle in peace was to dig out one of the baby bottles we had so he could ues it. He loved it. I did tell him that he had to lay down to use it like a baby. Oh how much frustration that would have saved me if he had taken a bottle when he was little. I have never had a thumb sucker or a bottle drinker but when Little Bear is here, Dragon picks up on both habits.

This very bedraggled Magpie is serenading me today. He is perched on the cubby house and is singing a song for me. It's so beautiful, and I am sure it's for me because every now and then it has a wolf whistle in it!!! I love magpies singing, even without wolf whistles for me:) He is obviously enjoying the rainy weather today!

I am not enjoying it so much, it's cold, really cold, and I am having trouble typing. Although, I am doing well, I got all 3 kids down for a nap at the same time! Draong was a bit disappointed though, usually they dont nap at the same time so Little bear uses his cot then she wakes up and he uses it. I went to take him for his nap and he seemed to really want to share the cot with little bear but she wasnt in there!!! I put her on the floor of my room because i knew her nap would overlap with dragons.

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  1. Hope it's a bit warmer today! What a cute baby you have!!!! Your pics of that snake eating the frog are great - I've never seen a snake eating something before!


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