Thursday, 24 July 2008

Not to be dramatic...

Do you ever have those days when you think that animals that eat their young have got it right? That thought has crossed my mind a few times lately. I have mentioned this to mum before and told her that probably the only thing that stops me is when Lion looks up and me and says "Guess what mummy Lovebird" "what Lion Lovebird" "I love you, mummy Lovebird" "I love you too, Lion Lovebird" (insert current creature/machine we are pretending to be where it says Lovebird). And then I have to do the same thing back to him... "Guess what Lion Lovebird?" it must be the same every time.

I think being Lovebirds is my favourite, we might be Lovebirds today because Lion is feeling sick and is a little bit extra cuddly.

Anyway, I dont think I would eat my young because I know where they have been. There has been a few posts lately with Dragon's finger up his nose so I thought I would add this one to the mix. It is a bit out of focus, the camera is really starting to have trouble in low light, it's 5 years old now, I think that is actually a long life for a digital camera, it's been good to us and has seen the world (bit's of the world anyway) with us, I wont be getting rid of it too soon though, it's going to have to do worse than this before I give up on it.

Then what do you do once you have boogers on more than one finger????
You shove them all in you mouth!!!!
Dragon often walks around with his whole fist in his mouth. One day we will have to take him to the hospital to get it removed (removed from his mouth that is, although removing the whole fist would solve the problem...) It's really gross when you are carrying him and you feel the drool drip onto your foot in between your toes as it comes down his arm and off his elbow. I'm not sure if it's a security thing, or his teeth are regularly causing him issues, or what. I can pull it out over and over and over again, he doesnt even wait for me to turn away before he shoves it back in. Although, this time it was just to get the joy from mum's reaction when he licked off all the boogers!

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  1. Oh I love that - eat your own young. LOL Yes definitely understand although not when I know where those little fingers have been!


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