Wednesday, 16 July 2008

My son has superpowers... how about yours?

There is a car ad on lately where this guy is flying through the air, I think it's supposed to be saying something about the car's ride that it'll feel like your flying or something. Lion was watching it a while back and was oblivious to the rest of the world. His mouth was hanging open and he was just in awe! He whispers to me... "Mummy, that guy's superpower is flying. I dont know what my superpower is... Yet." Well, I have figured it out.

Okay, I was having a good day. We had been to playgroup, kids had behaved, we got home without any screaming in the car, I got kids out, changed Dragon's nappy, then Lion used his superpowers on me. I went from sweet mummy to screaming banshee in under a second. Well, maybe under a minute. He climbed up to the table to play with the things up there he knew he shouldnt touch, I told him to get down (and Dragon because "dragon see dragon do"). I told him 2 more times to get down before he did. Once he was down he started to grab things off the bench that he shouldn't touch. Now, we have a rule in our house that you don't go pulling stuff down off the bench even if it's yours. The reasoning is, it might knock something dangerous down that you cant see and you will get hurt so you always ask a grown up to get it for you. So reaching up to get something you know you shouldn't have really gets on mummy's goat! Then "Dragon see, Dragon do". He had been using lovely manners all morning, "excuse me", "please", "thank you" but all of a sudden he is being rude and obnoxious and backchatting and giving me "those" looks. It was all beyond mummy's capabilities for reasonableness. So, Lion's superpower is some sort of personality probe. It can turn a sweet, gentle person (if anyone disagrees with that i'll show you just how "sweet and gentle" I can be) into a screaming banshee, a happy person crankky in an instant, it can make the crankiest person start laughing and even shoot snot out their nose trying to cover up their laughter, the saddest person smile, oh, I guess it's not all bad... Pitty though, if his superpower had been something like flying he could clean the baked beans off our ceiling.


  1. I love that ad!! - doesn't it make you wish you could just fly all over the countryside?
    I think my kids have that particular "superpower" as well - is there a way to "disable" it?

  2. With petrol prices I could certainly do with being able to fly:) I think there are ways to temporarily disable that particular power (like a 3 hour sleep worked today!!!) but unfortunately they regroup and attack again with even more force at about 6 at night. I have heard that they loose it over time but that can take years.

  3. Baked beans on the ceiling???

    That sounds like a blog post in itself!


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