Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Happy Anniversary US!

It's our anniversary today, and we celebrated in style. WE GAVE THE KIDS AWAY!!!! Yep, Dragon had his first sleepover at grandmas last night. Poor Grandma, they had just taken on the new business THAT DAY and the different things involved had obviously taken their toll on her by the time we dropped the boys off at about 5:30. But she had agreed to looking after them knowing it was the same day as settlement for the business and not wanting to disappoint the boys (I was being entirely concerned for my boys, not at all for the sleep in I would miss if I took them home again!!!) we went ahead with it. We got take away Giardini's for dinner (Wolf proposed over giardini's on the strand) and picked up a movie to watch without having to get up 6 zillion times to deal with children who didnt want to go to sleep. Well, it's a cliche but "the book was better" we saw The other Bolyn Girl. I really enjoyed the book, I liked the movie but as all movies from books do, it skipped huge chunks and leaving out a lot of the narrative doesnt always get made up for by having visuals. This morning it was brunch at a lovely cafe and a movie. we chose the incredibly romantic KUNG FU PANDA!!!!! I think the last movie we saw together was when I was preggers with Dragon.
Ya know what, I'm not that big a fan of the movies. The screen is so big you cant see it all at once, it's not in focus properly half the time, you cant fast forward all the ads, you cant put your feet up, there are strangers in there with you, it's just all around inferior to watching a dvd in my lounge room, even when my lounge room has no curtains. But it was a good movie, I laughed heaps! I also like Jack Black movies (the clean ones anyway).

I did missed my boys (once I got my sleep in). But I got the best cuddles all afternoon after we picked them up! Dragon just sat on my lap for ages cuddling me. Lion fell asleep in the car on the way home and when I woke him up so we could go do some groceries he just wanted to sit and cuddle too! They obviously missed us, that grandma can be pretty mean, letting them trash her house, forcing them to eat things they love, lettin ghtem walk all over her... sounds horrible doesnt it???
Then we were on our way home from doing the groceries and I was tempted to drive back to grandma's and give them back to her. Lion started crying over not being allowed something. Dragon started telling him "shhh (with his finger to his lips) cry" which means, "shh, stop crying" "I cant stop crying Dragon" "shh, cry" "I cant stop crying Dragon" "SHH, CRY" well over and over it went. But they are in bed now, it's peaceful again, I guess I will keep them for another day.
Happy Anniversary Wolf, Love You!!!
-Mummy McT

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