Thursday, 10 July 2008


Subtitled: Overshare ahead!

I have issues, I have a bump on my head which anyone that knows me well knows is nothing unusual. I have no idea where it came from but that is also not unusual. The issue is there is a pimple coming up right on the top of the bump. It is like someone permanantly pressing on my eggy head. It's driving me nuts (it's a short drive, I know). Then to make it worse, this morning (far too early) Dragon knocked a bottle of moisturiser off the bedhead and on to the egg. So it's an egg on a pimple on and egg!

While I am on the topic, I would like to know whose idea it was to tell kids during "those talks" at school not to worry about pimples becuase they will stop getting them after their teens. That leads the poor kids to think that something magical happens at 20 and you stop getting zits. Nope, after your teens could very well mean 60! It's all in the choice of words, I am more clued on to those kind of phrasing choices now, I wish I was as a kid. I know God knew what he was doing creating hormones and I loved Biology, I can rattle off all the good things they are for but it's the fall, the fall created pimples, and all the other bad stuff that hormones do. Mood swings, body odour (I've heard of it in others of course, not me), mood swings, aches and pains, gas (again, something I have heard, not in me), weird hair growth, mood swings, tiredness (although that could also be blamed on kids but ultimately they are here because of hormones), mood swings, irrational chocolate consumption (or possibly that is the cause of the pimples...), unexplainable urges to hold up a Darrel-lea store, mood swings.

I have amazed my SIL2B with what I share (and I think I horrified her parents but that is another funny story), I hope anyone that is embarassed by this stuff stopped reading at the subtitle, if not, you were warned. My head hurts, I'm going to bed.


  1. oh no - hope it's all gone down by now. I agree with the pimple thing - they shouldn't put the kids hopes up that they won't get them- I have just had a few recently (which is wierd for me) - must be the weather (I blame it for everything!!).
    Hope you're feeling all better this morning!
    Renata :)

  2. Some books about menopause claim that the good thing about menopause is that it puts an end to pimples. Doesn't that give you something to look forward to in the long term?? I'm still waiting. . .

  3. Thanks Renata, I'm feeling better today (as in not wanting to tear anyone's head off) gave myself two more bumps on the head to take my mind off the others :) I'm considering a helmet for everyday life as the mother of who boys. -Mummy McT


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