Thursday, 10 July 2008

Brownie Smore Slice

With the bonfires we have been having I was looking for ideas for what else to put in S'mores. Traditional marshmallow and chocolate I know but I knew people have come up with all sorts of yummy concoctions. But there was a few places that I found variations on this...
Brownie Smore Slice
Make your brownies as you usually would (I know it's cheating but I LOVE the Betty Crocker packet mix without frosting, it's the perfect brownie).
Once they are cooked but before you take them out of the pan sprinkle with minimallows (i chopped up normal marshmallows) and shove it under the grill until they are toasted to perfection.
Whip them out and before they go firm again, top with graham crackers.
Okay, I used lattice biscuits because we dont have graham crackers here and to me they look like some sort of unappetising digestive biscuit so I can't see what the fuss is with them. The girls at my meeting last night thought it was great, the kids probably wont be tasting it because I just dont think the clean up would really be all that fun!


  1. Yum- sounds delicious! I've never known what smores are before (heard them mentioned on cheaper by the dozen 2, but never knew what they actually were. - they sure look yummy!
    Renata :)


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