Thursday, 7 August 2008

Avoidance techniques...

I should be doing something else... I should be getting out my kit and checking that everything is in order for the new month of parties and deciding what goes and what stays in the kit for tomorrows party and making sure my tablecloth is clean and checking my stash of gifts and... and... and... but I'm not, I'm reading blogs and wasting time following link after link from website to website... On the up side I have done one thing today that I did need to do (other than go to my tupperware meeting) I made a doctors appointment to get my sinus' looked at. I am figureing I cant be taking over the counter sinus+painkiller tablets for much more and since I am not supposed to let infections get too settled so they dont go to my heart I had better do something about it. Trust mum to point that one out to me. Now I need to make a dentist appointment (but no point in that until I get this sinus sorted) and an eye appointment (gotta do that while I'm not pregnant or I waste my bulk-billed eye appointment on dodgy pregnant eyes) and I'll be all sorted out health wise. I have a packet of timtams calling my name... I am resisting, and purposely not putting them in the fridge so that I will think twice before chowing down on the whole packet. When I do open them I will be posting all about Timtams for the education of Emily from Lift Up Your Hearts. I just need to find a willing party to be photographed doing a Timtam-slam... Any takers????

Oh well, off to clean out the tupperware kit while the kids are still asleep...


  1. I'll help you with any Timtam devouring required. I must admit when I read Emily's comment I was in shock - not know what timtams are - they are seriously the thing that keeps mums going some days!!!LOL You must educate her & fast!

  2. OOOOOH! I LOVe Tupperware! Do you have an online store???

  3. Sadly no online store... against the tupperware rules here, instant removal of my account with them if I do :( But if you happen to be anywhere near our church car-boot sale next month I'll have all my ex-kit stuff going cheap, fancy a trip down-under?


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