Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Whole lotta nothing

Coles brand salt and vinegar chips dont taste real good.

But other than that... I have my first member of my Tupperware team!!!! YAY!!! I did the interview all by myself today (with my manager sitting close by telling me that she wasnt listening but I know that she most deffinately was!) Next step is to get her through her first party where she tells all her friends she's now a tupperware dealer and get her trained and going off on her own! Anyway, she is freaking out at the moment but very excited. She is a christian girl and a lot like me in lots of ways. she likes to maintain the status quo so a change like this is kinda scary. I woke up with nightmares and in a cold sweat when I was starting and ws wondering what insane thing I had done, thankfully my manager put me at ease, hope I can do that for this girl! 3 more and I am a manager myself! then on to earning my car.

Kids have been saying cute things, doing cute things, but I cant remember them, my mind is a fog lately.
We put wolf on a plane this morning and Lion says every plane that goes over is Daddy's plane.
I am on antibiotics for my sinus issues, they are making me feel really, really sick.
I felt really bad on sunday afternoon but I think that was my own fault, I shouldnt have played soccer with they boys in the back yard.
I hate those spiders that lie along the clothes line and you dont see them until they jump off as you are putting the clothes over them.
For the first two days of the olympics I started to doubt that it was really happening, every time I turned on chanel 7 all I got was ads.
I have a papercut on that bit between my thumb and first finger (i am sure it has a real name but I dont know it) and it really hurts!
Dragon thinks Lion is the most wonderful person on earth, I wanted us all to hold hands today and cross the road and he chose Lion's hand over mine!!!!!!!!!
I am getting a real itching to get out and do some real photgraphy.
I have to get the house cleanish before we have someone stay with us on friday night.
Dragon is getting quite a temper on him and lets us know when he doesnt agree with our decisions. Dinner time, bed time, getting in the car, cleaning up, they are all open for discussion according to Dragon.
I still have no blinds.
My good friend is coming over tomorrow avo and we are making pizzas and toblerone mousse and going to get the kids into bed and then sit around doing nothing.
I really should go to bed right now.
Tupperware party on friday night was great, Chimera got the gift she wanted and heaps more.
I lost my voice for the entire weekend. I would write something profound about learning to listen but really i just got annoyed that people kept saying stupid things and feel really uncomfortable when you dont say anything during a "conversation" so they say even stupider things just to fill the nothingness.
The kids are quite enjoying mummy not being able to raise her voice at them. They are taking full advantage of it.
If you read through this I am very sorry. it was never going to be exciting, I was just writing.


  1. I actually thought your post was funny!( not the losing your voice bit but the bits about the kids & just life) - I can relate to a lot of it. As for coles chips - I've never tried them & now I never will - thanks for the tip! I didn't know you were a tupperware rep - sounds like it's going well though - I'm going to a tupperware party next thurs (not tomorrow) - any good hints on what to buy? And please share your recipe for toblerone mousse (sounds absolutely divine!!) Hope you feel better soon.

  2. What!? You mean bedtime, cleaning up, getting dressed etc are NOT negotiable?!

    You wouldn't be able to tell in our house. The children think EVERYTHING is open for negotiation - even the "Don't ever do that to your sister again" type of things.

  3. Renata- If you like the illusions stuff it's all on it's last run over the next sixish months. In the new catalogue that starts in 2 weeks (although the stuff is available now, so you should get a chance to see the catalogue) the kids stuff is all pastel type colours with pink in the set so if you like the primary colours get them now because in two weeks they will be gone! also the serving centre is going ORANGE!!! try to get a look at the new catalogue and see if things you are thinking "i'll get that one day" are changing to colours you dont like (or are not there at all). also the winter stuff like the insulated servers (couldnt live without my gravy boat) and the ovenworks microwave-to-oven cooking stuff (love it!!!) are not in the new catalogue but will most likely be back on next winter. Also the chef series is not available after the next two weeks, that's the pots and pans. hmm, long reply... hope it helps:)

  4. Thanks for the tips, Samster! They're having the party next week so we can order from the old & new catalogues (apparently). I think I'll buy one of those gravy boats & look closely at the illusions stuff as I do like it! Thanks again!


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