Saturday, 30 August 2008

Happy Birthday Mummy Huddy

It's been a few days but we did go to visit Huddy's mum for her birthday. We took our picnic (mmmm, Cookie Man has finally come to us! I love the cookie man!!!!) and off we went. As we were driving in we were looking around and thought it is kind of hard to believe that there is a main road only a few metres away. In the area where we were probably the biggest distance from the river to the road would only be about 250m. Towards the end the boys even got to see a guy come and put his jetski in the water and scoot off on it. As soon as we got there Lion caught up with Huddy and all that has been happening, you'll be pleased to know he is all better now and came home with us after the party.

Lion with Huddy on his shoulder
For some reason Lion was quite upset that Huddy's mum is only living in a tree so he had to collect some sticks (logs???) to build her a nest on the nice safe ground (she's an IMAGINARY BIRD!!!!) we did make him put them aside after he collected them until after we had been for our walk and we promised we would make a nest for her later.

I'm gonna make me a bird nest...

Just in case you are wondering, no it isnt cold, he just wanted to wear his beanie. I kept calling him my beanie baby, he didnt like that.

Huddy's mum has quite a nice place, her river views are fantastic -well they were until she had to move out of her tree;) - and she has turtles frolicking on her doorstep, we did shoo away those pesky turtles, I dont know who they think they are sunning themselves on every available tree branch, we made sure we were talking at the top of our lungs to scare them off. (tongue in cheek for anyone with no sense of humor) one was so desperate to get back into the water it did a fantastic backflip and seemed to have a look of horror on it's face as if fell over a metre to the water UPSIDE DOWN.

Honestly, it's a hard life being an imaginary bird, the places you have to live!

So what happens at an imaginary birds birthday party????

You eat party food...

Even Huddy and Mummy Huddy got party food...

You build a new nest for Mummy Huddy so Huddy doesnt have to rough it in a tree next time he comes to visit...

You play party games like who can fly the highest...

And the winner get to really test themselves by flying out of the highest tree... thankfully daddy was there to catch him!!!

And CRIKEY!!!!!

you keep your eye's peeled for these big fellas!!!!


  1. I notice that when I zoom in on the sign it is talking about freshies - although there was quite a big one of them sighted upriver a bit a few days ago!

    Love Lion's pose although the cammos aren't quite the safari suit.

    Wolf could almost pass for a northener now, in the pluggers & standing next to a sign warning of crocs. I said almost !! (Maybe if he weren't so scared of snakes...)

  2. Where would a photographer Mum be if she didn't have a lion, dragon and wolf who were such photogenic posers?

  3. Bet you're happy to have Huddy home with you again!!!! (well I'm sure a certain young man is anyway!) Love the picture of the river - just beautiful!

  4. Honestly, I don't blame him wanting to wear that beanie. It is VERY groovy.


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