Saturday, 30 August 2008

A sneak peek...

It's nearly here!!!! Uncle R and Aunty J's wedding. It seems like forever since they got engaged, actually when I think about it, it has been forever for Dragon. At their engagement dinner I was rather pregnant with a little Dragon baby and Lion wore the suit that Dragon will wear to the wedding. So tonight we had a bit of a fitting for the boys suits. Lion's was picked up earlier in the week from an op-shop for $25!!! I added a pair of dress shoes from Target marked down to $20 and here is the result...

Not bad hey??? He did think that he was top stuff!!

Although, for $25 the suit doesnt come perfect, there are a few minor things to fix... like the clasp at the waist of the pants!!!

Dragon was mighty pleased with himself too...

The skivvy will be a little warm so we are borrowing a friends dress shirt to go with it instead but he is in hospital at the moment so we are still to pick that up (please pray for him, he's better but needs IV antibiotics for almost another week, that's a long time for a 2 year old in hospital). I am quite worried about borrowing a white shirt, my children arent know for their cleanliness!!! The vest is a little small but if I dont let him eat this week he'll be fine:)

And Wolf tried on his new suit too, I happen to think they looked quite spiffy together!!!

just a side note... Lion told me tonight "mum, your face looks spiffy" I thought that was one of the sweetest things he could say!

And my dress isnt fit for public viewing yet. I found it for $35 at a clearance store, for that price, to find a dress I loved (wolf doesn't but we have different criteria) with only one size left a size too big I figured I could find a way to make it fit (or possibly my wonderful nanna could when she gets here on wednesday???) I am so proud of the way we will look for what we have paid!!! I was getting ready to spend heaps getting us all beautiful for this wedding but Dragon is free, everything ours or borrowed, Lion $45, Wolf (he's the expensive one, I let him buy a new suit that is actually fashionable so we wont mention his cost) and Mummy McT $65. I had to buy a new bra and it nearly doubled my costs but I have borrowed shoes which I thought I would need to buy. I have been wearing maternity bras since falling pregnant with Lion since I fed lion till after I was pregnant with Dragon and then there didnt seem much point shelling out for new bras when Dragon stopped feeding when I plan on being pregnant before I would get enough use to make it worth the money but sometimes you just gotta get one to fit the occasion. Had I bought a dress that Wolf liked I would have had to buy some of those Dr Rey underwear that keeps everything from moving! My criteria were: nothing slinky, I dont want to think about every morsel I put in my mouth. Raised waist, It's my favourite Italian resturant for the reception (wolf proposed over takeaway from here) I have to have room to fit in my whole meal. Straps, I have BOYS nearly 4 and nearly 2 years old, I NEED STRAPS! And bonus points for something that doesnt show up the dirty hand prints I will get on me from those boys, it's purple. So for now that is all you have to go on! Oh, I will tell you that i did feel a little "child of the 80's" when the two front runners were a balloon skirt and a rah-rah skirt!!!! It's the balloon skirt that won.


  1. Don't your boys look smart! You'll have to include a pic of your outfit when it's adjusted (trying to picture it in my head, but I may be way off!) Well done for keeping the costs down - it's always difficult when it's family getting married! Hope you have a lovely time at the wedding!

  2. You certainly beat us cost wise, but when I leave it to the last minute I only have myself to blame.

    The boys (including Wolf - but don't tell him I said so) all look very spiffy and tell Lion that I hope my family looks as spiffy as him and his family.


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