Friday, 1 August 2008

Here chookchookchookchook...

Here comes the chicken, here comes the chicken, chicken down the road...

We went and saw the chickens. Good to my word I took the boys to visit the chickens at the produce place yesterday avo. I had told them there would be baby chicks there and I was a bit concerned because we did a lap and didnt see any. I have never been there and there's been no chicks so I felt sure that telling the boys we'd see some chicks would be fine, I was starting to get worried. Second lap I heard the tell tale chipchip, chipchip of some chicks and we followed it and found 24 little chicks. Lion asked what the sign said "Hold for...." and I explained that someone had bought the babies and was going to come and pick them up later to take home. "What does that sign say mummy" *Meat Chicks $3.50each* "that just tells you how much they cost darling". He is just starting to make the connection between the animal and the food and it is very worrying for a little boy that often pretends to be an animal! On our second time going back to look at the chicks one of the ladies that work there got one out for the boys to pat. Lion was right in there straight away giving it a very gentle stroke on the head. Dragon was standing back until mummy had a little pat. Then he didnt want to let her put it back.

We also saw a large duck that Lion kept calling a swan. I think I saw it's chest puff up a bit at that :) it's cage wasnt closed and both boys had to have a little stroll into the cage to see what it felt like to be in the ducks cage. There was lots of different chickens and roosters. Lion said one had a scarf on (it did have a very fluffy neck) and some others had pompoms on their feet and some looked like they had bubbles on their heads!! Then we moved to the cage birds... Budgies, Finches, Pigeons, Cockatiels, Peachfaces, Doves, and some other sort of parrot looking thing. We saw a forklift filling the hopper for the bags of feed they were filling, we saw an old rusty shoot off a harvester type thing, we saw and old wringer and petrol pump, mummy found the hay stuff she wants for her taters, we saw a chicken cubby house that Lion wants to get when (if) we get chickens, we saw some little nesting boxes and we bought some fruit! The boys thought it was great and didnt want to leave! When I finally got them into the car I asked what they thought of patting the chick. "yeah" says Dragon (standard answer) "oh mummy, it was soft... and it was warm... and it was... oh it was beautiful!!!!" says Lion, what a darling! I had joked with Lion while we were there about putting him in one of the cages, at dinner when we were filling in daddy with everything we had seen Lion told me "I wouldn't put you in a cage mummy, because I love you too much". Hmmm, can we say "guilt trip"!!!!

Oh, I forgot to tell you we also SANG to the chickens!!!!!! They got a very dodgy rendition of "Chicken Talk" because that is what they were doing, and Lion was asking why they had just put their eggs on the ground and I reminded him what the song says so he wanted us to sing it for the chooks. LUCKY CHICKENS!


I have been meaning to post this one... We were in the car and Lion was reading the spotlight catalogue. He got very excited over something and I asked what it was "it's a quality, low cost, pirate dress up" um, I think he sees too many Budget Car Insurance ads.


  1. "Quality, low-cost ..." - that just made me laugh. Maybe he has a future in advertising!

  2. I'm sure the chooks enjoyed their serenade.

  3. Your boys can come and sing to my chooks anytime.
    Actually a friend of mine's 2 yo came over and thought the chooks were singing to her!
    It was really quite cute cause they were just making standard brawk/bok noises and she was going, 'they're singing!'.


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