Tuesday, 5 August 2008

I've noticed your blog hasn't been updated for a few days...

My reply to this comment from my mother was something along the lines of "oh, sorry, I have been busy chucking my guts up" (I am so polite aren't I??) so to appease the masses (let me kid myself that there are enough people that care that I can call them masses) Here is a quicky.

I felt like a new pair of earrings this morning so I whipped some up...


The bottom bit is actually purple, yeah, doesn't look it to me either in this photo. And the diamondy one at the top is a different earring.

Now, my mother did know exactly how I have been feeling lately becuase she came over to help while I was in recovery mode yesterday and I also sent her this text today... (edited because there are some things that only your mother needs to hear)

"I have an aching face from sinus junk like I have only felt on a landing plane, and I have to do groceries this avo or we will starve, I dont think I can handle that combo with kids thrown in, can I deliver you my un-fed kids when they wake up so I can do my groceries without inserting a small chid down the throat of and un-smiling pimple faced checkout kid who feels they have to comment on how tired I look and proceed to tell me how hard year 10 is."

Thus the need for some pick me up earrings this morning!!!

I promise I will post a post i have been working on (in bits and pieces as i can handle it) soon.

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  1. Oh no - hope you're feeling better soon. Love the earings - they look great!


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