Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Pickled Pumpkin and a Party!

It occured to me today that my boys will eat anything that is pickled. So can you pickle pumpkin??? Pickled gerkins, pickled garlic (anyone local know where I can buy this now that coles doesnt sell it???), pickled onions... So what else can I pickle??? My pickled onions are ready to crack open, I cant wait to taste them but figure the longer I leave them the better they'll be!

Yesterday on the way home from bible study Lion requested that we drop Huddy *click here if you're wondering "who is Huddy?"* off to his mum because he wasnt feeling well and wanted to go stay with his mum till he gets better so we need to take him to the bush. This may seem like an unusual request but I think I started it when I got so sick of taking an imaginary mouse everywhere we went (sitting on MY shoulder) I decided it told me that it wanted to go home to the bush so we drove it to some bush near the river close to our house and I pulled off the road and carried it over to the bush and let it go. Great, never heard from that mouse again!!! And it makes sense for a little kid to think the best place to be when you're sick is with mummy. So we drove to the bush again but Lion had a request, there is a driveway that goes down tot the river where the ski club (the water type) meets and access to a boat ramp and a nice picnic area aswell, Lion wanted to go down there. So dutifully (only for Huddy would I do this!) I drove down and we parked and (there was no way I was getting them out of the car) we wound down all the windows and let Huddy fly out to his mummy. We all called out goodbye and hope you feel better soon and other lovely things and drove back home. I figured we hadnt been there for a picnic for ages so today I suggested that we go for a picnic to visit Huddy tomorrow. Lion had to take it even further, now we are going for a birthday party for Huddy's mum. Apparently Huddy is there decorating at the moment and we'll take a cake (i told him she would rather have biscuits for us and we'll take her some birdseed), and we need to take party poppers (I thought they might scare small birds like Huddy) and... and... and... Okay, so this is what mummy thinks... We'll take biscuits and drinks and go for a little walk then sit down and have our morning tea and go home. I think Huddy's mummy will be perfectly happy with my plan for her party.


  1. You know that American readers of your blog might not know that biscuits are cookies and will possibly think you mean scones. They speak a strange language over there - the words are the same, but the meanings are different.

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  3. Hope Huddy's mum had a nice birthday party! - your boys are priceless!


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