Wednesday, 20 August 2008

A Balanced View of Things.

Warning it's a long one...

This blog was started so that family could see what our little munchkins were getting up to, how they were changing, all that sort of stuff. But I sometimes worry that they may think that these boys are perfect little angels (okay, so not really, I think this weeks posts about fat people and butt shaking certainly set anyone that still believed in their perfection striaght). So in an effort to portray our real life I will share all the gory details of today with you, family and strangers alike...

We went shopping, nothing strange, we bought 2 litres of milk and 8 little tubs of marked down yoghurt. Lion was a little naughty refusing to ride on the skateboard and wandering off ahead but other than that it was fine. Oh, there was also the 10 minutes in the carpark with Dragon screaming like I was trying to slit his throat because I was forcing him to sit in the pram, I am not stronger than a 1 year old (I think it's the fear of damaging him more than strength).

We got home, it was nap time. Dragon refused to have a nap, Mummy won. Lion refused to have a nap, Mummy won.

While they were napping I made their lunch, that is not my usual track but today I did for some reason, I also made it fun (dont worry they got more than just this).

And then I swept up and wiped down the table. Does this disturb you???? It's HALF a chenille chicken skewered on the end of a fork!!!!

If that doesn't disturb you combine it with this, our cute fluffy little chicken-hatching-from-an-egg toy in with the cooking toys!!! I dont think we are ready for chooks yet.

Dragon wakes up, he's happy, he's delightful, a real pleasure. Lion wakes up, he's happy, he's delightful, HE'S SCRATCHING HIS HEAD!!!!!!!

Mummy McT "can I have a look at your hair Lion?"

Lion "Nah, I've scratched it mummy digger, it's not itchy now"

MMcT "I'd still like to have a little look"

L"oh, if you stinstis (insist)"

MMcT "oh"

L "what mummy digger?"

MMcT "you have lice, Everyone go and have lunch and then we need to go to the chemist"

Lion chucked a fuss because I had told him we would do craft today (very rare) and he thought if we went to the chemist we wouldnt do craft. I assured him I would do my best but could not say we would deffinately be doing craft.

Off to the chemist... Dragon in the sling so he cant grab anything and Lion on foot. I select a nit comb and let Dragon hold it to keep him further from touching other things, I grab the nit stuff mum recommended and start reading the back. Lion grabs another nit comb off the shelf and starts combing his hair with it then PUTS IT BACK!!! any other time I would have to threaten him with having to swap with Dragon in the sling if he didn't put something back but the time that it is entirely inappropriate he puts it back all by himself. I grab it back off the shelf and swap it with the one Dragon has. We escape from the chemist with just what we want and none of their up-selling they tried on us.

Now the real fun begins!!!! I have to spray this stuff on their hair, leave it 10 to 20 minutes and the wash their hair, and I want to do mine as well. Okay all in the bath together. First I spray their hair. Lion stands still but tries his hardest to get me to spray it in his eyes. Dragon gets his hair sprayed as I chase him all over the house. I spray my hair, and get what I need together for the balloon party I also foolishly promised the boys we would do today (a couple of balloons each, close the gate on them in the play room and they chase them around for ages) and set them up with their party while I used our treatment time for stripping beds. I gathered all the toys and set them up, along with a fold out mattress I couldnt wash, to sun themselves for the afternoon.

I stripped sheets, pillows, blankets, quilts, PJ's, hoodies, it all went into the wash. This basket is completely "nit infested" washing.

Time was up, it was bath time for all. This was a huge mistake. I should have done it one at a time, and with help. I got the shampoo done fine, I got myself in and sat down, I got Dragon to sit in front of me and put conditioner through his hair to use the nit comb. It was really quite difficult with him wanting to do anything other than sit still so I could finish and all the conditioner on the floor of the shower was making it very slippery. Eventually I got one through, then Lion had to sit in front of me. They both had their watering cans in with us taking up the space of a whole other person! Lion wanted his watering can in front of him and Dragon was then shoved directly under the shower. Lion did not want to move at all so eventually Dragon slipped and slid his way to sit BETWEEN Lion and myself while I tried to see around him to comb the conditioner through Lions hair. This was made even more difficult by Dragon's pre-occupation with my "booboobs". I threw the watering cans out of the bath to make more room and the tears started. We got to the point of washing out Lion's hair and he got some conditioner in his eyes, the tears got louder. I rinsed him off as best I could dumped him on the bath mat and wrapped a towel around him while I dealt with my hair. I eventually got us all out and dry and Dragon refused to get his pants on. So I left them off, I was not in the mood for more arguements. Eventually we all calmed down, the boys reluctantly went back to their balloon party, I sprayed all the sofas and got out the craft stuff. Have you noticed yet that I havent mentioned anywhere that I got the groceries out of the car????? "mmm, I smell our yoghurt mummy" (hint hint, I would love some yoghurt mummy). Mummy races to the fridge to check because surely I wouldnt have left the milk and yoghurt in the car would I?? Yes, obviously I would. It still had a faint chill to it so I threw it in the fridge and hoped for the best then sat down on the floor and burst into tears. All of a sudden the boys started paying attention to mummy. Lion went into male mode... standing back staring with his head tilted he says "it's alright mummy" over and over and over and over... Dragon can't handle it and bursts into tears too. Everyone to the lounge room for yet another cuddle time. So eventually we get back to craft, I get some loads of washing through, and my night in shining armour arrives home and things start to really settle. I re-make the beds, kids go to bed (not necessarily to sleep) and that is where the day is at.


  1. Oh yes, headlice .... makes me want to sit on the floor and burst into tears just at the thought of it.

    If you need any tips about nits send me an email. I have done way too much research on this topic.

  2. Thankfully we've dodged the headlice so far - but I know it's bound to happen. I don't blame you for bursting into tears - you did so well with your day - I would have been crying when I found the lice. Your posts are all so entertainingly written - they are a bright spot in my day - thanks!

  3. I'm with chimera! AACK! This is my biggest fear these days. What will I do when my dtr brings home lice and then myself, my hubby and our 3 count them 1,2,3 dogs get them too. UGH! NIGHTMARE in the making. I pray when it happens I catch it early and nip it in the bud before it's too too late. Did I say this is a nightmare of mine? I'm sooooo sorry for you. Hope all is well soon.

  4. Grandma was at a ladies retreat on the weekend and every now and then caught herself scratching her head. Probably a perfectly innocent scratch, but everytime she realised what she was doing she thought, "Oh no! oh no! oh no!" After all they do love to share everything with me.

  5. Oh my goodness LOL! What a long, exhausting day!! I hope the lice are GONE!


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