Sunday, 21 September 2008

The snails seem to have moved out...

I had been thinking of doing this since I read on Blogtations about their 500th Quote Celebrations. I just needed a prod in the right direction from Mum-me :)

I was tempted to vote for Mum-me's quote about going to the toilet (is it called "narcissistic tendencies" if it's family you vote for? it's not actually me?) But I figured I should go back to the one that has been ringing in my ears for about 6 weeks now. I came across this quote just as our snotscapades were starting, SIX weeks later I am the only one still desperately trying to kick this thing, unfortunately I was the first to get it too, YAY ME! I've got sticking power, not like those other wimps that had it for a week or two, I've managed to hold onto my wog for six weeks (and counting...) so what on earth could be ringing through my ears 1000 times a day??? This quote...

Folks, my cup runneth over with mucus and I am now that proverbial mommy with shmears of snot decorating her clothes. It looks as if I have been herding snails over here.
~Rancid Raves

There were so many times it came to the front of my mind...

I had someone stop me in the shops to tell me that there was a HUGE smear of now glassy dried snot across my back. Of course I pretended I knew this and replied with that covers everything reply "yeah, I'm a mummy" when inside I was thinking "that little toad, I knew he wasn't just giving me a cuddle, and I actually felt sorry for him when I sneezed in his hair yesterday!"

I had to work in the shop for the first day in ages, I wore black, snot shows up best on black, each child had decided that that was the morning they were going to use my shoulders to wipe their grotty little noses AFTER I HAD LEFT THE HOUSE WITHOUT A CHANGE OF CLOTHES.

Dragon became OBSESSED with carrying around a soft old hanky in his pocket. Not to blow his nose on of course, mummy's shirt is loads nicer for that job, and who wants to put a snotty hanky back in their pocket?

I had better stop, I know some folk have weak stomachs and they only get worse from here...

So go along to Blogtations and join the party, even if you dont want to join in the games you can still troll through the mountains of great quotes! Just be careful, if your cup is running over with mucus some might make you laugh so hard you'll snot on your screen!

This is the link to Mum-me's quote in it's original context
This is the link to Mum-me on Blogtations
-just in case you want to use her quote as your favourite:)

PS on the snot subject... cleaning my shower yesterday... does anyone else's kids pick their noses and wipe the little boogers on the wall tiles in the shower? No? Just mine? Figures. Took me ages scratching at them with my fingernail before I realised what they were, a little grossed out but figured it's not poo so that's a plus.


  1. On the bath walls - on the house walls- on their pillows - it's all the same to them. They think the world's one big tissue! Glad your kids are better now - hope you get over it soon. Great quote!- LOL I can relate!

  2. LOL Giggling away like a silly person! Thanks for cheering me up. been having a "rough" day....

  3. Good that you are feeling better. Hope the tupperware thing goes well.

  4. Thanks for joining the party! Love that quote.


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