Thursday, 18 September 2008

There's a hole in it!!!!

I just finished my last post when Lion met me at the doorway wearing something around his neck "mummy, this bag has a hole in it. Why does this bag have a hole in it?" I couldn't answer him for laughing and running to get my camera!
I think I embarrassed him by wanting to take photos. What he had around his neck was the shiny slip from under one of my see-through type tops. He had thought it was a bag with a big hole in it's bottom. I took it off his neck, held it up against myself to show him and then he asked to try it on. So I helped him get it over his head.
Not embarrassed this time he started doing silly poses for me!
Not so many pictures of Dragon lately, have you noticed?? This is why...
Our oft seen view of Dragon is his little body thrown down face first on the floor chucking a tanty.
We much prefer him when he's like this...

He has his sheet bunched up in a ball between his legs and his quilt bunched up in a ball to cuddle. It's his mummy's genes there, gotta cuddle a pillow to go to sleep! He is being a darling a lot of the time, we are just getting a bit tired of the tanty chucking. hang on, gotta go I hear another one...


  1. LOL - - oh that is just hilarious - thankfully he didn't try to repair the "hole" himself!
    Love the way Lion's sleeping - I've never seen anyone bunch their bedding like that before!

  2. What a sweetie your little guy is. FUnny story about the hole.

  3. Your guys are so darling!! Love the pics, love your posts and totally relate to the Mommy Mucus Accessory Line!


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