Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Through the eyes of a Lion.

I am embarrased to admit that my family knows most of the words to the "Boar's Head Carol" well, Lion sort of knows the words. The real version has the first line of

"The Boar's Head in hand bear I, bedecked with bays and rosemary"

Lions version goes like this...

"The boars head in hand bear rye, bedecked with base and rose buried"

I had to get him to repeat it a few times and clarify some words to get it right, by far the hardest was the last few words until he made it quite clear "no, the rose is buried mum". Makes sense... doesn't it???


Today I asked Lion what he wanted for dinner, actually willing to go and buy the stuff if I didnt have it. I was not at all prepared for this conversation...

Mummy McT - What do you want for dinner Lion?

Lion - Completely ignoring mummy (we are getting his ears checked)

MMcT - Lion, what would you like me to cook for dinner?

L- Still "not hearing" mummy

MMcT - Okay, I'll just make something yucky then.

L - What mummy??? (funny how that happens!)

MMcT - What would you like me to make for dinner?

L - Roast pork (okay there were some things I wasn't willing to do)

MMcT - Oooh that sounds yummy but how about we do that on another day, what would you like instead?

L - Horse.

MMcT - Horse???

L - Yep, because horse is something that girls like... So I want to eat one!

MMcT - How about noodles?


  1. OK, I want to know - does he want to eat it to impress the girls, or to disgust them?

  2. He was hungry enough to eat a horse, hey?

  3. So did you cook him horse or noodles?


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