Sunday, 31 August 2008

If you see my sippy cups...

In breaking news Mummy McTavish was loading the dishwasher and realised that she was missing some much loved items from her kitchen, in a statement to the press this afternoon she shared these words of anguish "Just tell them I miss them terribly and their 3 cup brothers and 2 sippy seal sisters want them to come home soon!!! I can't believe 5 cups and 6 seals are missing!!!!! Please dont feed them, just send them home, there is no reward for their return just the glow from knowing that you have helped a wayward sippy cup get back to those who love it. Also if you happen to lay eyes on their snack cup cousins tell them they are very naughty and must head home too!!" Back to the studio...

Is it normal to personify sippy cups??? And how do my kids loose them!!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh no! We have that same issues with bottles - I'm sure they must just disappear & then once I've bought a new batch, reappear!
    I also have an award for you!!


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